It’s All Fun and Games Until Someone Gets Hurt

OK, so I guess it’s time for the hermit to emerge from his winter’s slumber to speak a bit about the market.  I do again apologize to my followers for not speaking more often.  Anyway:

 The Fed hiked as expected yesterday, yet perhaps the market didn’t react in kind.  I going to spend a few bullet points on this before I get to why I write:

  1. Many folks were bracing for 4 hikes in 18
  2. Fed signaled 3
  3. Powell said forget about 19-20, which at the time of the statement were reason for concern
  4. We’ve been unable to break 2.9ish for some time

The longer we stay(ed) at these levels (2.9ish), the more likely it is we’ll see(saw) a bounce, just as our inability to break lower in q3 2017 inversely hurt us.  I’ll just add that I’m not so sure the Fed should have shrugged off the weak q1 consumer…

Now that’s a good segue into my point.

If you were a kid growing up in America (they later became worldwide), was there a greater place than Toys r us? I mean who didn’t want to go there?  Who’s parents didn’t shop there?  For goodness sakes, their name IS TOYS R US.  They R TOYS!!!   Well no longer.  No more fun and games.  No more holiday time retreats for kids to show their parents the toys they so want for Christmas.  They are closing the doors.  Replaced by a computer or smart phone.  Very romantic.  And why does this matter??  See every post I’ve ever written.  This compression of the retail distribution channel and erosion of price elasticity is the culprit of the persistently low inflation numbers that is so perplexing to the Fed.  Why?  I don’t get it.  To me it’s clear as day.  In a bit of irony I can’t help but feel like just as Toy R Us didn’t see this new wave of commerce as a threat, the Fed continues to miss the mark similarly of why we are in a growth and inflation-less recovery. 

We’re now almost through the first quarter of 2018 and the consumer numbers have been weak.  Really weak.  Like negative weak.  Sure there’s some stronger numbers printing here and there, but we can’t have a recovery without consumer spending.  We’ve seen homes pause here as of late as well.  Is that the result of higher rates?  Not sure, but it’s hard for me to digest a recovery if the folks who are recovering all of the sudden aren’t spending money on goods or homes.  It makes me wonder if something is brewing below the surface.  I think the next few months will be very telling. They historically have been rate friendly, let’s see what happens.  I certainly wouldn’t base my recovery estimates on the Feb BLS number.  It’s not the first time we’ve seen a blowout Feb number.  March has historically been a down month, so if we see that pattern continue it could extend the rally.  You know I’m a big ISM guy, so I’m really interested in those March numbers as well.  I’ve been surprised by the fact that the spending numbers haven’t weighed down the ISMs and wondering if/when that may happen. 

TO BE CLEAR, I’m NOT making a call here.  That said, I do think some moons are aligning that could leave us with some surprisingly disappointing economic data in the coming months.  I’m not ready to make a call yet, because frankly I do see things as being a bit better.  I get that, I see that.  For me the 64k question though is better how?  What I’m not convinced about is that unlike in the pre-web days, some extra money, a bigger smile and a job doesn’t necessarily equate to a convergence of disposable income and the willingness to spend it like a drunken sailor and both are needed to fuel real growth and inflation.

NOT making a political statement here, but maybe we’ve all gotten to be a bit too serious.  Maybe we could all use some fun and games and just maybe that’s a bit more important than saving a dollar. 

RIP Toys R Us   

I just wanted to add this to my rant from earlier.  This is quoted from an AP article.  THIS is the impact of online sales vs brick and mortar that IMHO the Fed is discounting too greatly.  While TRU only has about 30k employees, check out how many jobs outside the company might be lost if they shutter.*  Do you think this many folks have a stake in an online toy sale????

The demise of Toys R Us will have a “devastating effect” on the toy industry, said Larian, who believes that 130,000 U.S. jobs could be lost when layoffs at suppliers and logistic operations are included.

* I write IF, as there is a long shot attempt to salvage parts of the company by the CEO of toy manufacturer MGA Entertainment.

Here’s the link to the article

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